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Based on the epic story of Mahabharata.
And Online Casinos.

The descendants of King Pandu. The five Pandava princes led the great battle against the Kauravas.

Calvin Ayre, founder and Chief Executive Officer of one of the largest online casinos focused on sports betting, knows how to do business. Every chance he gets, he associates his online casino with the rich and famous, attracting more and more people to the online casinos website.

Just recently, Al Pacino, Rene Russo and Matthey McConaughey and many more celebrities were present at the première of the new Hollywood movie 'Two for the Money'. All of them were happy to pose in front of a huge sign bearing the name of Ayre's online casino, promoting the site grandly. Inside, the movie stars played a couple of hands of Texas Hold'em, with the online casinos brand name all over it, frequently photographed by the press.

The movie, loosely based on the life of Brandon Lang, the legendary sports handicapper, was easily linked to Ayre's online casinos site. Ayre decided to invest in the movie, and use the connection with the film, in his own best interest. Ayre also signed a contract with Brandon Lang himself. Lang will now tell online casinos players to log on, and but their bets on the site of Ayre.

According to Ayre, celebrities bring players to online casinos and they will raise the value of a brand. This movie is not the first move he made to' mingle' with the celebrities. In 2005, Ayre's online casinos site hosted a huge MTV party with Oscar-winner Jamie Foxx, poker tournaments with Shannon Elizabeth (American Pie star) and a rock concert with the rap superstar Snoop Dogg.

Ayre's company spends on average $50 million a year, on marketing and advertising campaigns.

Calvin Ayre started his involvement with online casinos 10 years ago. He started the company with less than $10,000.  Now, the company is taking more than a million bets a day, and is expected to generate f US$200 million this year.

Playing in online casinos has never been this popular. All around the world, the revenues of online casinos are skyrocketing to almost US$12 billion this year from US$3 billion in 2005 according to Christiansen Capital Advisors. They also expect that the revenues of online casinos will double in 2010 to more than US$24 billion. With the growing popularity, the number of online casinos also grows exponentially, increasing the competition. The US Government Accountability Office states that there are over 1,800 online casinos on the internet.

Ayre's online casino is doing great. A London-based gambling magazine that wrote an article about online casinos, named his online casino as the seventh-most influential online gaming company (of the last 16 years). And Ayre is not finished yet, he is planning expansion. This year, he will hire more people to put more time in research of the total gaming experience. Ayre also wants to create his own reality show.

The question is, will Ayre's site survive the competition and the legal battle, since online gambling is still illegal in many parts of the world.

This battle between the two related Bharata families, the evil Kauravas and the virtuous Pandavas, is the main theme of the Mahabharata. Yudhishthira, Bhima, and Arjuna are the sons of Kunti; Nakula and Shadeva are the sons of Madri, the sister of the king of Madras.Also, find and play the best online casinos and bet high at the online poker rooms we recommend.This is an online casino website and offers gambling information to all the movie buffs. Start playing only at the most trusted and honest of casinos.

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